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      Cixi Moumou Bearing Co., Ltd

      Cixi Moumou Bearing Co., Ltd is a globally operational enterprise which is located in Ningbo - a coastal city in China. We have rich experience in bearing producing and sales, because we have been focused on high precision and low noise ball bearing research and manufacturing for many years. Now, Kent Bearing is one of the leading manufacturer and providers of bearing industry. We also provide products for many industrial fields and a long-time partner of professional customers. Not only won widespread praise in the domestic market, but also gain the recognition of foreign market, such as European, America, southeast Asian and Africa market. Now our product are used for electric motors, household appliances, power tools, pumps, fitness equipment, medical equipment, motorcycles, vehicles, machines etc. Uphold the "true quality is more durable, let the bearing move more quieter" business philosophy, we have received many customers' good praise.

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      • 20Years

        R&D And Manufacturing

      • 20+

        Automatic Production Line

      • 100000+

        USD Annual R&D Investment

      • 6000000

        Annual Production Capacity

      Our Capability
      • High Precision

        High Precision

        Features: Small Error, Stable Operation, Strong Consistency. We produce according to P5 standard, the products meet the international standard accuracy of P5, P6.

      • Silence


        Features: Low Decibel, Low Noise, More Durable. We according to Z4V4 standard to produce bearings, the bearings in line with Z3V3, even Z4V4 international standards, micro bearings score <23 dB, micro small bearings decibel value <25 dB, small bearings decibel value <27 dB, far lower than peers.

      • The Durable

        The Durable

        Features: High Hardness, Strong Stability, More Wear-Resistant Use Of Bearing Steel (Gcr 15). We use the best raw materials from the famous steel manufacturer in domestic for production, like Xingcheng steel.

      • High Speed

        High Speed

        Features: Fast Running, High Friction, High Precision Requirements. We control according to P5 standard, with high precision and small error. The bearings have strong consistency because of the error range of micro bearings is only 5 microns, and 7 microns for the small bearings. We can be matched according to product requirements and meet the requirements of tens of RPM to 20,000 RPM, or even higher speed

      • Focus Environment

        Focus Environment

        Features: Bearings Can Be Used In Different Environments, Such As High Temperature, Low Temperature, Harsh Environment.Our bearings can be used in -60 degrees to 230 degrees temperature environment, we are developing 300 degrees temperature environment application. The bearings also can be used in construction sites and other poor environment.

      • Non-Standard Customization

        Non-Standard Customization

        Features: Unconventional Size, Needs To Meet Customer Requirements, Tailored. We can change the bearing size, clearance, lubricant, and cooperate with the motor process to meet the motor requirements.

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      True Quality Is More Durable, Let The Bearing Move More Quieter

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      So-And-So Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a globally operational is located in Ningbo, a coastal city in China...Read More >

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